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Technical Training Solutions

  • Festo Didactic (which recently acquired Lab-Volt) provides technical education solutions for rapid learning and retention in the entire spectrum of automation technologies:

    • Pneumatics
    • Electropneumatics
    • Hydraulics
    • Electrohydraulics
    • Electronics
    • Electrical and mechanical engineering
    • Sensors
    • Robotics
    • Telecommunications
    • CNC technology
    • PLC and fieldbus technology
    • Information technology
    • Electric power and controls
    • Instrumentation and process control
    • Refrigeration and air conditioning
    • Automation and mechatronics
    • Family and consumer sciences
    • Project-based learning.
  • Why Festo Didactic?

    The portfolio from Festo Didactic combines training courses with tailor-made knowledge checks, e-learning programs, integrated systems of hands-on trainers, student manuals, instrumentation, classroom-management software, simulation software, and instructor demonstration materials that are fully compatible electrically, mechanically and educationally.

    This unique integration increases the effectiveness of learning, optimizes learning outcomes, and maximizes learning transfer.
    Download 2014 Festo Didactic Catalog
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    E-learning & Technology

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    Electricity & New Energy

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    Fluid Power

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    Industrial Maintenance

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    Process Control

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    Refrigeration & HVAC

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